About Me

Hi, I am Marko Matić, 30 years old, living in Sydney, Australia, where I work as a software developer. I am particularly specialized in a web and mobile software engineering. Most of my life (28 years) I lived in Croatia, where I spent my childhood and finished school. After 4 years working as a software engineer, my partner and I decided to migrate to Australia.

Soon after we moved, we settled down in Sydney. Beside changing my place of living, I have changed my lifestyle, all the way from the ground up. In the new world, not having many friends, left me a lot of spare time for the new hobby - running. Today, I am not only a marathon runner, but also enjoy swimming, cycling, gym and HIIT workouts. Basically, I am interested in all kinds of fitness.

Besides coding and fitness, I also like cooking. After moving to Sydney, because of my new lifestyle, I started to experiment with a food and new recipes. I am trying to keep my meals tasty and healthy, so that they are in a good balance with my trainings.

I am in a long and happy relationship. My girlfriend shares my passion for fitness, particularly running and swimming. As we are in the same profession, beside trainings, we often do some coding work together as well.

I am obsessed with setting higher goals all the time and, time to time, I move my limits further. In my opinion, if will is strong enough, there are no limitations on what you can achieve. Your mind is your only limitation.

About This Site

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