06 Nov 2018

Trip to the inland - Carcoar Cup

Carcoar Cup is in the past. The hardest race ever!

We were planning our Carcoar trip for quite a time already, so we mostly knew what we can expect. We rented a car in Sydney and went for 3 hours drive to Bathurst, the city where we rented a house for the night before the race. The next day we woke up very early and started ~30 minutes drive to Carcoar, a historic town where the race was kept.


The race started at 8AM, so we were there at around 7:30AM to prepare ourselves. Just before 8AM we were on the start line and race started on time. Soon after the start, at around 3rd kilometer, there was the first hill. Despite the hill, nature was pretty nice and we could see a lot of different animals, so running was very interesting at the time. We ran through the town just for first few minutes, and very soon we started going off-road.

The run was pretty fun for about two hours, until we passed Neville, but then sun started to shine and heat got to me.

Hill, hill & hill

Not only heat did everything to ruin my race, but hills were there to make it worse. After around 30 kilometers the hell started. Hill after hill, elevation after elevation…

Around 35th kilometer heat and elevation started killing me and I had to walk occasionally to get some rest and air. Elevation was f***ed up! At 39th kilometer I eventually started to walk, and walked for around 1 kilometer. Finally there were no more uphills, only downhill, so I started to run down the hill. All the way to the finish there were no more hills.


The hardest marathon I have run (so far :)). I finished it in around 4 hours and 7 minutes. There were a lot of people waiting and cheering on the finish line. Very nice atmosphere and the best moment of the race. Finally crossing the finish line and taking my finishers medal.

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Carcoar Cup marathon is very hard race and absolutely not for beginners, which I still am. You have to be very well prepared for possible heat and for very hilly, off-road, terrain. I managed to finish it this time, but I am not sure if I would do it ever again. I prefer flat, road races, especially for such long distances.

For the end, I would like to add, it was a very nice scenery and great organization.

If you ever decide to run the Carcoar Cup marathon, good luck!