29 Sep 2018

Trip to the Sydney Northern Beaches - Palm Beach

When to start driving a car in Sydney? It was just about the time. One hour drive to the farthest Sydney northern beach was the best trip to go with!

There is nothing complicated in driving a car

Well… Ever since my girlfriend and I came to Sydney neither of us did not drive a car… Not until today. Why? What did change?

We are planning to run marathon in one month. Marathon is kept in the city of Carcoar, witch is in New South Wales inland, far from Sydney. Initially we planned to go by bus, which by some magic, has disappeared from all timetables. Unfortunately, or fortunately, there are no planes or trains going to this city… or anywhere near… and train or plain is our primary means of transport when we travel further from Sydney. We had to decide if we want to go by car. It would be perfect, but… We have not driven a car here yet. So, driving a car somewhere further from Sydney in a month would require some training before.

Somewhere around three days ago I reserved a car that I would rent for today and would go on the short trips during the weekend. What makes trips for us even more amazing is the fact that this weekend is a long weekend. For the first day we chose Palm Beach, the farthest northern beach in Sydney.

One hour drive

We woke up early in the morning and headed to get a car that we booked. After we got a car we came back home, took our bags with running clothes, swimming gear, some food, water and extra clothes to change if needed. It’s going to be a whole day trip, so we took everything. After we put coordinates into Google Maps, we were surprised. Driving from our apartment, which is in inner Sydney, to Palm Beach, which is the farthest Sydney northern beach, is around an hour. We are going anyway… One hour to get there, spend there a few hours and one hour to get back… It’s ok.

Trip to there lasted probably around one hour, or less, I am not sure, but I can say, it was very good drive. First time driving in Sydney was nice and scary :). Finally we came to our destination - Palm Beach.

Quality time on Palm Beach

When we got there we found a parking very fast, there were a plenty of parking spaces, and lots of them were empty. Cost of parking ticket for one day was $35, which is ok. The first thing that we did was 1 km short walk to the Barrenjoey Lighthouse, which is at the Sydney’s most northern point - Barrenjoey Head. It was a very interesting hilly walk with a nice peninsula view and beaches on both sides. Also, it has a very nice view to the ocean and to the Ku-ring-gai Chase, one of the national parks I hope to visit sometimes in the future.

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After the walk, which took us around one hour, we decided to go for a short beach run. It’s not easy to run on the sand :). It took us 30 minutes for 5 km. After running we had lunch. Then we walked to the Palm Beach rock pool, 2km far, and did some swimming, very short since water was freezing.

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After swimming we headed back to the car. It was already 4 pm, and time to go home. Trip back home was very good and I think it took even less than one hour this time. It was the same road, but somehow looked shorter.


Palm Beach is perfect chill zone. In this time of the year it is almost empty, which makes it a good place for beach sand running, but not for swimming, as the sea is still too cold. There is plenty of nature to see and its beauty can’t be described. Beautiful 360 degrees view from Barrenjoey Head is the must. Surely, we have more plans for the Palm Beach in the future. Next plan includes ferry trip from the Palm Beach to the Ku-ring-gai Chase and to the West Head.

Until next time.