05 Oct 2018

How to register a domain on AWS using Route 53

Before you can host your website/web service online, you have to register a domain. This article will explain on how to register a domain using Route 53.

Route 53 is Amazon Web Service for registration and domain management. It is used for domain and subdomain routing to different servers. Cheap price and ease of use makes it perfect tool for anyone who wants to have its own domain.

Register a domain

To access Route 53 service, go to your AWS console. Click on the “Services” in the top left corner of the page. In the search box on the top, type “Route” and click on the “Route 53”.

Once when the Route 53 is open, click on the “Registered domains” in the left side menu. When domain list page is displayed, click on the “Register Domain” blue button.

Clicking on the “Register Domain” button will display domain registration wizard with few steps: domain(s) selection, contact details entry and purchase.

After domain is purchased it will take up to 1 hour until everything is set up and domain is available for use. Beside registering a domain, Route 53 also creates hosted zone for your domain, which can be deleted if domain will not be used. In case domain will be used, hosted zone is used for routing domain and its subdomains to different servers.

Article on how to host static website on AWS can be found on this link.